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    Play exciting online slots at Mr. Play Casino

    Part 56: Time to try some new slot machines

    Author Anonymous Published Published 16/07-2019

    I believe that one of the best ways to get to know an online casino is through its slot machines. So today I thought I’d try some slots I haven’t tried before and see if I find a new favourite. After all, Mr. Play has a wide selection of interesting slot machines to choose from so finding a new one should not be that hard.

    To choose the three slot machines I wanted to try I entered the category: Video Slots and wrote down the names of 5 of the “New” games. The games I randomly wrote down where the following:

    “Gods Temple Deluxe” by Booongo

    “Sherlock of London” by Rabcat

    “Super Graphics Lucky Cats” by Realistic Games

    “Hell Mania” by Synot Games

    “Aussie Adventure” by Realistic Games

    Play exciting online slots at Mr. Play Casino

    When I first started to choose the games, I didn’t know what game supplier they came from, but for the sake of this blog and for the sake of narrowing down my choices I used Google for help. Through this quick search I noticed that I had two games from Realistic Gaming, The “Super Graphic Lucky Cats” seemed more interesting than Aussie Adventure so I therefore chose to exclude Aussie Adventures. I also chose to exclude the slot machine “Hell Mania”, due to fact that I had not heard about Synot Games before. So that leaves me with the three online slot games I will be testing out today: “Gods Temple Deluxe”, “Sherlock of London”, and “Super Graphics Lucky Cats”!

    To see how it went you can check the video out, and if you are more interested in reading, I will summarize the bets below. Oh, and the rules of the game: 10-15 spins maximum on each slot.

    “Gods Temple Deluxe”

    Wow, this is a different looking video slot! I have never seen a slot shaped like a pyramid! Unfortunately, after 10 Spins I had not won once, so I gave up on this video slot very fast, though it would’ve been interesting to see the graphics when you actually do win.

    Play exciting online slots at Mr. Play Casino

    “Sherlock of London”

    I like the graphics used on this game. I first had to turn down the take as usual, but besides that there were no issues. And the craziest thing happened on my third spin I managed to win a HIGH WIN!

    Play exciting online slots at Mr. Play Casino

    This video slot game definitely gives you some bang for your buck! It was entertaining and not only because I won, but also because of the graphics and animations.

    The game has this special feature where the wilds connect, and that was super cool!

    I would definitely recommend this Rabcat slot machine!

    “Super Graphics Lucky Cat”

    From the icon I was super intrigued by this slot machine game, I thought it would be filled with cute cats in cool Japanese styled graphics, but I was wrong. Sure, the video slot is clearly Japanese inspired but there were very few cats present in the game and the graphics where not all that impressive. I did win some but not enough to make it change my mind about what I thought about this video slot, I was just not very impressed.

    Play exciting online slots at Mr. Play Casino

    Want to make your own opinion on these slots? Claim your bonus and start playing with Mr. Play today!

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