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    Play Magic of Sahara at Mr. Play Casino

    Part 61: Tournament time!

    Author Anonymous Published Published 29/07-2019

    I didn’t know about this, but since Mr. Play is a White Label casino, the tournaments arranged by Aspire Global (the ones who operate Mr. Play) are available for us players to take part in!

    At the moment (29th of July - 05th of August) Aspire Global, and therefore also Mr. Play are hosting a tournament where the winner wins €2.000…and best of all… there is no wagering on the money prices.

    So basically, all I have to do is play the slot machine game “Magic of Sahara” and score the highest Win/Bet%! Shouldn’t be too hard I feel. Honestly, I’ve also not taken part in so many tournaments at all and I do think that it is about time. In addition to that, this slot machine game is brand new, which means I also get to try a new game while I am at it! Below comes a summary of how it went:

    Play Magic of Sahara at Mr. Play Casino

    I decided to only bet €0.36, as the betting levels are a bit strange on this game, they range from €0.09 - €45. As I am still relatively new at this, I decided to start betting quite low to give me more chances to bet and hopefully also more chances to win.

    Play Magic of Sahara at Mr. Play Casino

    Bet1. Nothing

    Bet 2: Nothing

    Bet 3: €0,96 Win thanks to two scatter symbols

    Bet 4: Nothing

    Bet 5: Nothing

    Bet 6: €0.36 thanks to two scatters!

    Bet 7: €0.36 Another thanks to the scatter symbols

    Bet 8: Nothing

    Bet 9: Nothing

    Bet 10: A token received but still plenty lacking for the free spins

    Play Magic of Sahara at Mr. Play Casino

    Bet 11: nothing

    Bet 12: a €1.2

    Play Magic of Sahara at Mr. Play Casino

    Bet 13: I decided to up the ante a little bit by starting to bet €0.72 instead of €0.36. Won €2.4 directly!

    Bet 14: Nothing

    Bet 15: Nothing

    Bet 16: Nothing

    Bet 17: Another magic token collected in search for the Free Spins!

    Bet 18: Nothing

    Bet 19: Nothing

    Bet 20: Another magic Token!

    Bet 21: Nothing

    Bet 22: Nothing

    Bet 23: €0.72 Win thanks to the scatters!

    Play Magic of Sahara at Mr. Play Casino

    Bet 24: Nothing

    Bet 25: My last bet… nothing

    This Microgaming slot machine has some cool symbols and graphics and as it is part of the tournament I will make sure to play some more times before the 5th of august but in general I must say that I found it a little bit…how do I put this politely… hard to win on, and incredibly hard to collect enough magic tokens to get Free Spins. I mean I played 25 times and only received 3 out of 25 needed to get the Free Spins.

    After playing I went back to the promotions page to check the leader board… man do I have some steps to climb, I’m not even on the list yet! Will take a lot of spins to take me to the top but it is worth a shot!

    Play Magic of Sahara at Mr. Play Casino

    Do you want to beat me in this tournament – Join Mr. Play today and see if you can take home this tournament!

    Ps. I’ll be out of town for a little bit so the posts won’t come up as often as they have lately…but don’t worry, I will be back to inform you guys how it went with the tournament!

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