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    BetGames.TV release new Poker6+ game to players

    BetGames.TV release new Poker6+ game to players

    Author Jonas Riis Vestergaard Published Published 09/02-2020

    BetGames.TV has announced to the world at large that it has a new Poker video game ready to be released. Poker6+ is set to feature the regular Poker ruleset with some slight alterations in order to create a unique experience.

    How do things work?

    Poker6+ will use a smaller deck of cards, featuring just 36 cards, which means that the lowest card on offer in the deck will be a six. This creates a new Poker experience that will give players the opportunity to enjoy a brand new type of Poker.

    Players will be able to bet on their own hand as well as the hands of other players and even the dealer. With the decreased number of cards in the deck it means that better hands can be created when playing which will give a better chance to players.

    The Chief Operating Officer of BetGames.TV commented that the latest release from the company continues the work it has been carrying out in recent times. It means that players will get a familiar game with a new experience built into it. It will give players the chance to play Poker while still experiencing it in a brand new way.

    Better hands are easier to create

    The main benefit to the decrease in the number of cards in the deck is that better hands come along much more often. It’s far easier for players to create straights and flushes with Poker6+. This means that players are more likely to find enjoyment from the game as they won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for a good hand as they will come along quite often.

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