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    ComeOn back away from the UK market

    ComeOn back away from the UK market

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 23/09-2019

    ComeOn has announced that they will be removing all of their products from the UK market. This will help them to expand into other market regions in the hope of finding a market that is more amenable to the iGaming industry. They intend to avoid any uncertainty surrounding Brexit by being fully out of the region before it happens.

    Maximising investment potential

    Because there have been a number of fines levied at gambling companies recently, ComeOn feel this is a sign that the regulators within the UK are starting to make the country a hostile trading environment. On top of this, there are already a number of well-established companies within the country they feel that remaining as a trader in the UK is too much of a financial risk for it to be viable in the long term.

    By the end of September, players will have all of their accounts closed at every site run by ComeOn. There will be a small amount of time available for any remaining funds to be withdrawn, but once that time is up then it will require a long-winded process to gain access to funds.

    This brings an end to the five years that ComeOn have spent trading in the region. They have become the top brand under their parent company, Cherry AB, during this time. However, the constant changes being enforced by the UK regulators has lead them to feel that remaining within the UK is not a sensible business decision.

    Signing new deals to make up the shortfall

    This comes after ComeOn had just announced a new deal to work alongside SBTech. This would see both companies working together in order to try and create some new innovative solutions for the sports betting market. While it was announced as a new deal, in reality, it was merely an extension of a deal that was already in place.

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