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    GambleAware to Invest Nearly £4 Million

    GambleAware to Invest Nearly £4 Million

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 26/05-2019

    The UK-based gambling charity, GambleAware, have just announced that they are planning to invest £3.9 million towards assisting with gambling addiction over the next three years. This money will be used to tackle a rise in problem gambling and underage gambling, improving education while fighting the problem head-on.

    The Money

    According to GambleAware, the money will be used to fund the following areas:

    - £705,000 — Assisting the National Gambling Helpline in providing advice and interventions that will go toward helping many more problem gamblers and their families.

    - £435,000 — Providing people with access to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) where deemed appropriate.

    - £438,000 — Aid with peer-support programs that can help those being treated for gambling addiction to assist others in providing treatment.

    - £2.35m — Improve the availability of in-person treatment across the whole of the United Kingdom, providing more treatment for a wider range of people across the entire country.

    Investment Opportunities

    Just last week GambleAware announced that they had received over £7 million through regulatory settlements, which will allow them to spend a great deal more than they had planned to spend. They receive over £10 million a year through donations from the gambling industry and use this money to fund operations, but the additional £7 million+ will provide them with even more opportunities for the coming year.

    Many consider the work that GambleAware do to be essential in limiting problem gambling, underage gambling and other gambling-related issues, all of which are increasing year-on-year as gambling becomes more widely available and accessible.

    Strategic Approach

    The Chief Executive of GambleAware commented to say that this announcement “reflects a commitment by GambleAware to take a strategic approach to commissioning treatment services”, with a view to “[improving] the quality of life” for gamblers and their families.

    He went on to say that the expansion of the National Gambling Treatment Services shows that GambleAware and GamCare are committed to their cause and ready to make a “real difference to people’s lives”. These sentiments were echoed by the Chief Executive of GamCare, who added that the funding would allow them to provide “broader accessibility, availability and choice” for those harmed by problem gambling.

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