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    Intralot SA agrees historic New Mexico Lottery partnership

    Intralot SA agrees historic New Mexico Lottery partnership

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 19/11-2018

    Intralot SA has been busy. Last month the global gaming and lottery solutions innovator signed a decade-long agreement with the Croatian State Lottery and it has now announced a two-year extension to its existing online system supply deal which served the New Mexico Lottery.

    Sports lottery game

    Intralot SA is based in Athens and it took the opportunity to explain in a press release that the new arrangement gained unanimous approval from the seven-member New Mexico Lottery Authority on October 30. The agreement will also see the Athens-based innovator offer a new game which presents results based upon the outcome of sporting events.

    In the press release Intralot SA mentioned how the agreement has broken new ground, given that the New Mexico Lottery is the first organization in the United States that has approved the operation of a sports wagering lottery game. Additional information was also provided, explaining how the parlay innovation will be spread through a network of 1,100 retail terminals in a bid to allow players to bet on a “wide menu of sporting events.”

    Terminal upgrades

    All of the retail terminals belonging to New Mexico Lottery will be bolstered with a customized version of Intralot’s cross-channel and holistic Sports Lottery Gaming Platform in addition to a range of software advances. In the press release the provider explained how the deal also covers a suite of fully-managed services for the game including risk management, trading innovations and provision for guaranteed payouts as well as product and marketing enhancements.

    Post-PASPA progress

    Antonios Kerastaris is the CEO of Intralot SA and he shed some light on how the deal became possible. He acknowledged that an eleven-year relationship with the New Mexico Lottery was crucial but that the deal could only happen due to the invalidation of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May by the United States Supreme Court.

    In his statement, Kerastaris explained:

    “This is a special day for us, not only because we renew our partnership with a great client but also for breaking ground with a new sports lottery contract, leveraging our extensive experience and our latest technology on sports prognostics, our first such venture in the United States in the post-PASPA period. I look forward to the new era bringing in all our lottery modernization expertise while extending my sincere thanks to the New Mexico Lottery for its trust and continued partnership.”

    A ‘Millennial’ attraction

    David Barden currently acts as the CEO from the New Mexico Lottery and he explained that the new deal empowers his organization to “provide new and exciting experiences for our players.” He also explained that this, in turn, boosts the amount of cash which is generated for a “scholarship fund for students beneficiaries.”

    In his statement Barden explained:

    “We are always looking for games that strengthen our New Mexico Lottery brand by attracting ‘millennials’ and other new players. Lottery games of this type are fun to play and will move us in that direction.”

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