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    NetEnt Granted a License in their First US State

    NetEnt Granted a License in their First US State

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 27/02-2019

    NetEnt are one of the biggest and most exciting online gambling firms in the world right now and they have taken a huge step toward changing the online gambling landscape in the US after acquiring a license to operate in the state of New Jersey.

    New Jersey is one of the few states that has a fairly relaxed gambling policy, but this is still a major acquisition for the Swedish developer and one that will no doubt make many of their competitors envious.

    From Waiver to License

    NetEnt has actually operated in the state of New Jersey since 2015, as it had been given a transaction waiver from the state. But now it has a permanent license, known as a Casino Service Industry Enterprise License, which means it will be able to operate freely and without issue for years to come.

    This waiver had been supplied at the time that NetEnt applied for its permanent gaming license. The proceeding four years were the result of a comprehensive review, which has now been finalized.

    Big in the USA

    The Managing Director for NetEnt Americas LLC, a Mr. Erik Nyman, released a statement saying that they were, “Very pleased” with the outcome and that it “[marked] yet another step in [NetEnt’s] US expansion”. This license is not entirely unprecedented for a European firm and it doesn’t mean that the US gambling landscape will change, but it’s still a big step for gambling fans in the United States and it’s also a huge leap forward for NetEnt.

    More to Come

    This isn’t the only big news for NetEnt so far in 2019. They have only just returned from ICE in London, where they showcased a few up-and-coming titles. The most memorable of these is a video slot they are creating in combination with heavy metal legend and former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne.

    This game will be an exciting add-on to their rock series, which has included countless other legends of the genre. They also announced a game based on Conan, a muscle-bound warrior who has featured in countless books, comics, TV series and films over the years.

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