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    Polish Bookmaker STS Expands Across the Continent

    Polish Bookmaker STS Expands Across the Continent

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 24/02-2019

    Polish bookmaker Star-Typ Sport (STS) has recently announced plans to expand out of its native Poland and into many other European gambling jurisdictions. They will do this with the help of BetConstruct, a sports betting platform with the tools and experience they need to get ahead.

    License Acquisition

    Expanding into new territory is not easy and requires several licenses, but it seems that STS have those areas covered. They will look to licensers from the United Kingdom and Malta, which in turn will allow them to offer their sports betting and eSports platforms in many key regions, exponentially growing their brand in the process.

    The chairman for Microgaming used an official press release to explain that the move was primarily a way of targeting Polish expats in countries like the United Kingdom, Germany and across Scandinavia. He claimed that they would use this to gain momentum, after which they could look to expand into other lucrative gambling markets, such as Spain and Italy.

    There was alas a suggestion that STS could take advantage of the large Polish community in the United States to provide gambling services there, although this will be much harder considering how strict gambling regulations are there.

    Expanding the Brand Online

    STS was established back in 1997 as a land-based betting shop. However, most of its operations are now focused on the online market and it controls over half of the Polish betting industry, generating over $620 million in revenue.

    It has really stepped up its game in recent years, sinking large sums of money into sponsorship deals, partnerships and acquisitions, and technological improvements, all of which have helped to spread the brand, improve its offerings, and increase its profits.

    The STS chairman called it the “undisputed leader of the Polish bookmaking market” and he’s right. It only makes sense, therefore, that they are now looking to expand and if they take to the European market like they did the Polish one, it should be a huge and profitable expansion.

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