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    Scientific Games make their way into New Jersey

    Scientific Games make their way into New Jersey

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 25/08-2019

    Scientific Games has made more steps into the New Jersey market recently. They have managed to do this by signing a massive deal to supply the Kindred Group with new software for use in the American market.

    New systems on offer

    Scientific Games offered a press release that made it clear that the deal gives Kindred Group permission to use their Open Platform System and Open Gaming System. These are two top-level solutions and Kindred Group will be implementing that at their New Jersey based Unibet casino.

    Growing presence

    The Open Gaming System and Open Platform System are two pieces of software that Scientific Games have been pushing as high profile platforms for a while now. Offering operators the ability to control their content and the technology that underpins the online element of that content, both systems will work in tandem to make Scientific Games a big name in the New Jersey market, while also improving what the Kindred Group have to offer players.

    More games

    In a recent press release, Scientific Games said that the new deal will allow Kindred Group to offer their players more games than ever before, with a higher proportion of high-quality games than any other software provider.

    Because Scientific Games feel the Open Platform System and Open Gaming System work so well in tandem, they think that this technology will help to set the New Jersey arm of Kindred Group casinos apart from all others on the market. This will give their players more of a benefit than they would get anywhere else.

    Pending progress

    Kindred Group is also excited about the new deal. Because they will be able to offer a wider range of games, and will therefore allow them to grow the New Jersey market to unprecedented levels.

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