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    Magnificent Jewels online slot

    Virtual Jewels on Display Thanks to High 5 Games

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 19/04-2019

    High 5 Games have just announced the release of their 50th game, Magnificent Jewels, a title that will become available to the many High 5 Games players across the Swedish and UK markets.

    This is an all-singing, all-dancing slot that is filled to the brim with glistening diamonds and other gemstones. It uses a 5x3 grid and gives players a taste of the high life, even if they don’t end up with a big win.

    A Unique Approach

    Magnificent Jewels is somewhat unique in the sense that it doesn’t use traditional paylines or “ways to win”. Instead, it contains a feature known as Clusterbucks, whereby wins occur in clusters and players need 5 or more of them to secure a winning line.

    This feature is not completely new and it has been used in a similar way on other video slots, but Magnificent Jewels still has an air of originality about it. More importantly, this feature always works well when it is used and has proved to be incredibly popular in the past.

    There is a bonus feature on Magnificent Jewels where players can collect even more Clusterbucks and secure even bigger wins. This is when Magnificent Jewels, and its main feature, really comes to life, but there are other features and big symbols to lookout for, including wilds, multipliers and more.


    The Senior Manager of High 5 Games commented to say that she was “thrilled” at the launch of Magnificent Jewels and looked forward to seeing how it was received by their players. She also noted that the company had worked incredibly hard on creating Magnificent Jewels and considered it to be one of their best creations to date.

    She finished by calling it a “real gem” that stood out in their eclectic and high-quality portfolio. Some of the titles that Magnificent Jewels will be competing against include Joker’s Riches, which was released only recently and has proved to be hugely popular in the short time since it hit the UK and Swedish market.

    There will also no doubt be many more titles released by High 5 Games in the coming months as they look to expand.

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