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    The curious cabinet slot machine

    The Curious Cabinet

    Author V.Caro Published Published 19/02-2020

    The Curious Cabinet

    Fans of the occult and creepy will find this slot machine from Iron Dog Studios very intriguing. The game invites the player to take a peek into a mysterious character’s curious cabinet. Hidden in the cabinet are Voodoo dolls, skulls, monsters, and some really good wins. This slot machine was first released in 2018 and is one of Iron Dog Studios` most beloved titles. A reason for the love that this game has received is due to its great Return to Player (RTP) percentage and varied betting range in addition to the fantastic graphics and appealing soundtrack. This is a scary slot machine but will also attract players who are not attracted to the “Scary”-theme thanks to its great built up interesting design, and fun features. All of which we will discuss in this “Curious Cabinet” game review.

    The curious cabinet slot machine

    Iron Dog Studio is the game developers behind this slot machine and many other popular slots including “Rainbow Wilds”, “Neon Jungle”, and “Treasure of Horus”. The game supplier, Iron Dog Studio, is a subsidiary to 1x2 Gaming. They are known for creating colourful and exciting games that thrill and entertain. Iron Dog Studios is licensed with the UK Gambling Commission, meaning that if a customer suspects wrongdoing by the game developer they can turn to the gambling authority who will sort things out. The Random Number Generator included in the games from Iron Dog Studios are all tested and certified by Gambling Labs International. This game developer works hard to make sure that their games can be played across all platforms and on all browsers, therefore players should be able to access all of Iron Dog Studios games on mobile and tablet devices.


    As the most slot machines on the market, this one is also built with 5-reels but due to the fun difference in sizes of some of the symbols, it is hard to say how many rows the game has precisely, what we do know is that the game has 40 fixed Paylines. The minimum bet ranges from €0.04 while the maximum bet is €50 (or the equivalent in the currency the player plays with). The RTP equals 96% giving the house a 4% edge for this slot machine, which is of high volatility meaning that wins are far between but when they happen, they are usually bigger when compared to low volatility slots.

    The game takes place in a red creepy room, behind thick red-starred curtains the curious cabinet is to be found. The cabinet is a wooden closet with decorative plant details in silver. Overall, there are a lot of fantastic details to be found in this game and it shows the time and effort put into developing this slot machine as the eye can constantly find new details to focus on.

    There are six low-value symbols in this video slot. They are the frog, the heart filled with pins, the butterfly tree, the poison bottle, the skull, and the crystal ball. Getting these symbols in different combinations will pay-out low-valued wins to the player. For the bigger wins, the player must attempt to spin the rose, the doll or the monster. These symbols can give up to 40.000x the bet. The rose works as a wild symbol in the game and the doll and the monster as scatters. These three symbols have the capability of expanding and taking over more parts of the game map. In addition to these symbols, the game also includes a silver drawer symbol. This symbol can include exiting prices. To find out more read the feature section of this game review.

    The curious cabinet - low value symbols

    Wins are marked in this game with green lightning bolts and further emphasized through a counter which tallies up all the wins, showing the player how much, they have won in total. We at FindFairCasinos like the different animations included in this slot machine, they contribute to the curiosities of this curious cabinet.

    This slot machine is made on an HTML5 platform meaning that it is accessible across all platforms and devices. This means that no matter your preferred browser or whether you are on the go or not, you will always be able to play “The Curious Cabinet” as long as you have a stable internet connection.

    Game features

    Since most games follow the same structure and many have a similar theme, game features are a way for game developers to stand-out and build a loyal fanbase. This slot machine includes some fantastic game features which involve the four special symbols mentioned previously, the silver drawer, the rose wild, and the two scatters the doll and the monster.

    The Silver drawer

    This symbol can land on either reel two or reel four. Inside the drawer, a prize might be hiding, but players might also be going home from this round empty-handed. The drawer contains one out of 5 possible outcomes. One of these can be the Free Spins symbol activating free spins. This symbol should not be confused with the Respin card. This card will guarantee a win with a sticky wild. Players can also score an x2 multiplier card which will double the pay-out from any win-line or scatter.

    The fourth possible outcome of the Silver drawer is Silver coins, this is a small instant bonus win that the player receives. The last outcome is that the drawer is empty, and the player, therefore, goes home empty-handed from that particular spin.

    Slot feature - Silver drawer

    Free Spins

    The free spins will be triggered when two silver drawers appear. These will award the player 8 Free spins instead of the two normal prizes that the drawer rewards. During the free spins, a row of five gold and silver drawers will appear at the bottom of the game map. With each spin at least one of the drawers will open revealing a prize.

    The gold drawer which only appears during this game mode can award the player with an x5 multiplier card or with gold coins. The gold coins have the potential of being a large instant bonus win.

    The curious cabinet slot - free spins feature

    The Wild

    As previously mentioned, the rose acts as the wild symbol in this curious cabinet slot machine. The wild substitutes for all other symbols except the doll, monster or drawer symbol. During the Re-spin card, the wilds are sticky and will, therefore, be useful in creating a good win during this game-mode. During the free spins, the roses can grow into carnivores and devour all other symbols on the reel creating big wilds and big wins.

    The curious cabinet - wild feature

    The Scatter symbols

    Both the doll and the monster act as scatter symbols in “The Curious Cabinet”. The dolls can give up to 24.000x the bet while the monster can give up to 40.000x the bet. These symbols can expand and take over the game-map. When they do the player can expect big wins.

    The curious cabinet - monster scatter symbol


    This slot machine is intriguing because of its dark and mysterious theme, interesting music, and fantastic graphics and animations. The slot machine is captivating and fun to play despite it being a high volatility slot meaning that the wins are often far between. We at FindFairCasinos believe that despite its volatility it is a fun game to play for beginners as well as experienced players alike, this due to their fun game features which are easy to understand. Also, who doesn’t like a slot machine that offers free spins, spontaneous cash prizes and expanding creepy dolls?

    The Curious Cabinet - Ultra win

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