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    how to play baccarat

    How to play Baccarat?

    Baccarat is a card casino game, where the result is more or less random. It is a game which often attracts players due to its exclusiveness, like the Roulette, and you will find Baccarat tables at the best casinos around the world - Baccarat is actually James Bond’s favourite casino game. The game can seem complicated, but this is far from the truth.

    What is the point of Baccarat?

    The objective of Baccarat is to be closest to a specific number of points, just like in Blackjack. In Baccarat, this number is 9. The game is played around a table and can be played with up to 14 players, but it is mainly a game between the banker and the individual player.

    The point of Baccarat is to try to predict whether the banker or the player will be closest to 9. How this is done, you can read more about in the following where we will give you a thorough guide to how Baccarat is played.

    Learn How To Play Baccarat

    In this excellent video tutorial uploaded to Youtube by LasVegasSun, you can really get a feel for the game and most importantly; Learn How To Play Baccarat:

    The value of the cards

    Baccarat is a casino game played with traditional playing cards which all have different values. The colour of the cards does not have an influence on their value.

    An ace has the value 1, a 10 and a picture card have the value 0, while the remaining cards have the value that appears on the card.


    All players start with betting on who will be closest to the value 9. They can bet on three things; that the player wins, that the banker wins, or that the game will be tied.

    When all players have done this, the dealer will give two cards to the player and two cards to the banker.

    When they have received their cards, they will calculate the sum of the cards. This is done by adding the sums of the cards and deduct 10. However, this is only done if the sum is more than 9. The sum will always be between 0 and 9, and therefore, it is not possible to have a sum higher than 9.

    Distribution of a possible third card

    Hereafter, a third card can be given to the player, the banker or both. This depends on the following rules:

    -If the player or the banker have a sum of 8 or 9, they will both stand. This rule is applied ahead of the following rules

    -If the player’s sum is 5 or less, the player will receive another card

    -If the sum is not 5 or less, the player must stand

    If the player stands

    If the player stands, the banker will receive another card, if he or she has a sum of 5 or less.

    If the player wants another card

    If the player chooses to receive another card, you must use the Baccarat system to determine if the banker must stand or receive another card.

    Comparison of cards and result of the bet

    Thereafter, the sums of the player and the dealer are compared. The one with the highest sum wins.

    The players, who bet on the winner, will win. There is, however, a difference in how much you win:

    ● Winning bet on the banker will give 1 to 1 minus 5% for the casino

    ● Winning bet on the player will give 1 to 1

    ● Winning bet on a tied game will give 8 to 1

    We wish you good luck with playing Baccarat, whether you decide to play online or at the best casinos around the world.

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