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    Evolution Gaming to release Lightning Baccarat

    Evolution Gaming to release Lightning Baccarat

    Author Jonas Riis Vestergaard Published Published 18/02-2020

    Evolution Gaming has continued its rise to the top of the live casino market. After announcing the latest release in the Lightning series of games. The newest title will be Lightning Baccarat which is expected to offer players the ability to play the game with added multipliers. The game will be available on all platforms including mobile devices.

    Expected to be shown at ICE

    With the ICE event starting up in February this chance to show off the new title won’t be escaping Evolution Gaming. It intends to show off all of the features that are included in the game at the event. This includes Lightnings rounds, additional multipliers and fast paced action.

    In order to win one of the multipliers players will need to match up a card in the hand that won with a Lightning Card. This will give players the chance to win up to 8 times their stake win with a single card. The more cards included, the bigger the multiplier. In fact, if a player wins on a tied bet then more than 200,000 times the stake is one offer to players.

    The CPO of Evolution Gaming commented that he was very happy with this new product. He said that in the two years since Evolution Gaming launched the Lightning brand it has become one of the most popular series that the company has ever seen. Because of the huge levels of popularity that these games offer it made complete sense to Evolution Gaming to introduce more titles that follow the themes the original games introduced. Because of how volatile this new game is it should be a huge hit with Baccarat players.

    Starting out first for Swiss players

    Because there have been a lot of live casino titles and innovations coming from Evolution Gaming over the last year, this new release has had a lot of interest. The first place it will be seen is in Switzerland due to the deal that Evolution Gaming signed with Group Partouche recently.

    Swiss players will be able to easily try out the new title across a range of different platforms, all offering a live dealer experience.

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