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    New Muscle-Bound Conan Slot from NetEnt

    New Muscle-Bound Conan Slot from NetEnt

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 19/02-2019

    NetEnt are responsible for some of the biggest licenses and best slots in recent years and they have recently added another one to their ranks after securing the rights to the Conan series.

    Conan has been the star of films, TV series, comics, board games and video games over the years, and now that NetEnt are at the helm it will be turned into an exciting video slot.

    New Brand Added to the NetEnt Ranks

    NetEnt have revealed that they will be staying true to the story and the style of Conan, which means there will be plenty of swords and sorcery, not to mention muscle-bound warriors.

    The famous gambling brand is no stranger to big names and has tackled many of them over the years, ranging from the equally iconic Planet of the Apes, to Jumanji and Guns n Roses.

    In tackling Conan they are adding another big name to their ranks and carrying a legion of fans on their shoulders. Their director, Bryan Upton, commented to say that they were very “excited” to be tackling another great brand and look forward to giving it the “NetEnt treatment”.

    More Partnerships Coming

    This title is just another in a long-line of great acquisitions from NetEnt, proving that they have the future in mind as well as the present. In addition to Conan, NetEnt acquired the rights to a slot about Ozzy Osbourne, who recently pulled out of a tour due to ill health, but still has big plans for the future.

    These big name slots are sure to lead to even greater success and renown for NetEnt.

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