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    The prepaid product is perhaps one of the most overlooked categories in the world of online gaming. However, there are tons of appealing options, including cards, vouchers, and other items that can all be preloaded with cash and offer great methods of transferring cash to online gambling websites, especially for players who do not have access to more traditional banking methods or do not like to share their banking details online.

    One of the best-known categories in the prepaid segment is the Paysafecard. Marketing itself as the leading online prepaid payment service, Paysafecard is accepted on a wide range of websites, including gaming sites. Furthermore, because cards can be bought at major retailers, it is a convenient option that offers everyone a chance to access [a url="smartlink#reviewlist#6"]online casinos and gambling entities.


    In terms of the prepaid segment, Paysafecard is undoubtedly a very popular choice for those who want to deposit and play slot machines online. Although Ukash (a voucher program) may pip it to the post in terms of market acquisition, Paysafecard is just as widely accepted and different countries throughout the world tend to exhibit a preference for one or the other. Paysafecard is available in 42 different nations, making it an excellent option for the majority of online gamers worldwide. In addition, the number of casinos that accept the Paysafecard is growing on an annual basis, meaning there are plenty of sites for players to select from.

    What is great about the Paysafecard is that its application is not limited to gambling sites. It is a well-known fact that many slot site users are also avid social gamers. This card offers people in that niche the chance to use their funds to pay for other online social and multiplayer games. In addition, the Paysafecard is also accepted by services like Skype and other retailers. While it is not exactly a universal payment method, there is a lot of options open to you when you use the Paysafecard.

    Using the Paysafecard

    Using the Paysafecard is relatively straightforward. First, you will need to find a local retailer that stocks the Paysafecard. Given the fact that over 500,000 stores currently offer this form of payment, chances are you would not have to go too far to get your hands on one. You will usually find them for sale at supermarkets, local gas stations, pharmacies or convenience stores.

    When you have found a stockiest, visit the store and select a card equivalent to the amount you need. They are usually available in values ranging from $10-$100, and you can combine cards to match your full deposit needs. You then purchase the card using your preferred method of payment, credit card, debit card, or even cash (making this one of the few options available to those who wish to translate cold, hard cash into gambling funds).

    Each of the cards you purchase will have a unique 16-digit PIN number printed on it. You need this pin to transfer the funds from your card to the sites at which you wish to spend the money. Simply input the PIN into the relevant box on the site, and the funds will immediately move from your card into your account.

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