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    Evolution Gaming Adds New Titles to its Roster

    Evolution Gaming Adds New Titles to its Roster

    Author Mathias Jensen Published Published 18/06-2019

    The mighty Evolution Gaming, best known as the kings of the Live Casino, have just announced the release of some brand new games, ones that will no doubt excite casino gamers across Europe.

    The games in question are 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, a variant of the world’s most popular PvP poker game, and Free Bet Blackjack. These games will hit casinos everywhere only a couple weeks after they officially launched their licensed Deal or no Deal game, which comes courtesy of a deal they signed with brand owners Endemol Shine Group.

    The Games

    Evolution Gaming’s new blackjack title provides players with a few unique opportunities to play. They will be given the chance to “Free Split” their bets on all pairs except for tens and “Free Double-Down” on all 9, 10 and 11 totals. There are also a number of side bets to make things more interesting, including the classic 21+3 and the old-school Six Card Charlie, where more cards equate to bigger wins.

    There is also a side bet available on their 2 Hand Casino Hold’em game. In this case players can stake money on pocket aces, adding an extra dimension to the play and potentially winning more money as well.

    Evolution Gaming

    Evolution Gaming are one of the biggest names—if not the biggest—in Live Casino gaming. They are the developer that every operator wants to partner with and that every player wants a piece of. They have one of the largest selections of Live Casino games, which are streamed live from locations across Europe, and thanks to this recent announcement that collection will expand even more.

    Their games typically come loaded with a host of features, and their latest two releases are no exception. One of the standout features of Evolution Gaming’s new poker title is the fact that there are no queues. The mix of Live and Virtual aspects is finely balanced and ensures that things move slowly and smoothly, with everyone invited to sit down and play regardless of how many people are already active.

    There are also many more games played per hour thanks to this format. According to an official report by Evolution Gaming, two-handed games result in 70% more action over the course of a single play session, which means more players can place more bets, allowing everyone, from player to casino and supplier, to benefit.

    A representative of Evolution Gaming commented on the release of the two new titles, saying that Free Bet Blackjack is “based on one of the most popular modern variants of blackjack” while 2 Hand Casino Hold’em increases “betting options and chances to win.” They added that they were looking forward to seeing how these games would be received by their growing fanbase and were confident they would be successful.

    In addition to these two fast-paced additions to their roster, and the aforementioned Deal or no Deal, Evolution Gaming also recently launched Super Sic Bo. As the name suggests, this game is based on the popular number-crunching game of chance, but a multiplier is added to give players a chance to win as much as 1,000x.

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