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    The best casinos are also available for you to plan on your Windows phone. As we have experienced from testing different online gambling sites as well as a lot of games and different casinos, the Windows phone casino versions are also very fast, easy and interesting to play and to use on a Microsoft smartphone. The entertainment level of the casino games is very high, and the graphics are super detailed in the diverse modern games available for the Windows phone.

    The many online casino apps available offer every game genre online on the Windows smartphone that you can imagine, such as roulette, blackjack, slot machines, Vegas video slots, craps, poker, and many more. We have listed the internet’s most fair online gambling sites for Windows Phone casino games below.

    Simple to use

    With the Microsoft smartphones, each gambling app is designed to work with the best and most professional systems as has a super functional casino universe, where it is easy to change game or table, and very simple to use. The most ideal Microsoft Phone online gambling site is the one with the largest focus on delivery to your device specifically. If you try to use other mobile casinos on your Windows Phone you may notice that the layout is a bit off, because the app was designed with other smartphones in mind.

    We would like to recommend 10 specifically selected fair Windows casino apps for your smartphone, and all of them are designed to work perfectly with your device. By using the responsive apps, you will always have the perfect platform to play your favourite casino games designed specifically for your phone.

    To play online casino on your Windows phone for real money is not the same as playing on your laptop or your computer. Our recommended casinos make it possible for you to easily download a Microsoft smartphone casino app or simply just play the casino games from your desired platform directly in your browser. Simply create an account, choose your favourite online game and start to have fun gambling while on the hunt for the big jackpot. You can choose to play for real money right away, or you can choose to play a demo version first to get to know the basics of the game.

    Security first

    Security is always an important issue for us at FindFairCasino when we evaluate and review the different casino sites. Due to the severe amount of personal information and banking information submitted to the sites, security for the players is a must. We always make sure that all casinos listed on our site uses the best 128-bit security encryption technology available.

    An easy way to deposit money directly from your Windows phone, makes the online gambling experience more fun and straightforward to begin with. Good depositing and withdrawal options typically works as a good indicator that the casino itself is of high quality and has a trustworthy reputation in the market. Typically, when it is easy and efficient to deposit money, it also means that withdrawals requested will be processed in a fast and efficient manner.

    Go ahead and choose a gambling site to start playing your favourite game with real money!

    Most of the best casinos for Windows phones have great depositing bonuses to offer for new players, when they download the app or sign up to the casino’s browser version. You will in most cases receive a coupon code that you can submit when making your first deposit, and then you will have more possible bets to win on the casino.

    The more the Windows phone segment grows in the casino market and fiercer the competition gets, the more you as a player receives for signing up on their site. Keep an eye open and follow FindFairCasinos to be aware of the newest and most attractive casino bonuses and enjoy the welcome bonuses offered! We wish you good luck when playing online casino on your Windows Phone or other mobile gaming devices.

    Do not hesitate to play online casino on your mobile device! Join the fun now, sign up on your desired casino platform and try online gambling directly on your Windows Phone or tablet now. The casinos listed above do also offer online casino apps for Android and iPad software if you have an Apple iOS or Android device. You can also check out our mobile casino guide and tablet gaming guide, which include all the relevant advice needed for playing casino games on your iPhone or iPad.

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